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100TC execution
“Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out?” After pleading guilty to abuse, murder, assault, and attempted murder, Aricia was sentenced to be publicly executed, specifically, to be burned by the stake. Aricia was already tied to the stake, and Dante had a match in his hand.
“I regret nothing that I have done. Dimentio is nothing but a wild animal who killed my mother! He deserved every moment of the beatings, the cuts, and the poisoning. He’s better off as the evil maskface he was during the chaos heart incident. He doesn’t deserve the wife he has, the kid he has, the friends he has...he’s a filthy animal that ruined my life!” She spat in Dante’s face when she finished.
“Oh on the contrary,” Dante looked behind him and saw Dimigi, and she was dressed in a snow white robe, and matching gloves and shoes. She also had a beautiful black rose in her dark blue hair. “Dimentio did not kill your mother Aricia,
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 0
“That idiotic LITbug, I swear if I find her again…” That was exactly what Aricia said as she was led into a maskface courtroom. Following the attempted murder of her brother, Aricia had confessed everything to her village, on order of the LITbug queen. But instead of exiling her, the maskface officials arrested her.
“Quiet, Aricia, if you’re not executed for your crimes, you’ll be in prison for the rest of your miserable life!” The judge shot a mean look at the criminal. “Dante, your opening statement.”
“Thank you judge, Aricia has been abusing Dimentio ever since he was born. She would often hit, kick or even bite my nephew simply because he was a boy. She would also destroy his possessions, like his toys or stuffed animals. But the worst she did was inject Dimentio with a nasty chemical that made him evil before killing the chief of the tribe, and pinning the blame on him. Oh and she also killed Genevie so she could get cust
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 0
Jewelrox by WerecatqueenNic Jewelrox :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 4 0 Ca'evil SOLD by WerecatqueenNic Ca'evil SOLD :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 18
SoR chapter 14
“Stay down LITbug scum! Loms, give me the frost orb!” That’s the first thing Farentio heard when he was tackled. He was on his way to lay a rose at Fariere’s chamber...but he was attacked by island rouges.
“As you command, Nagol!” She handed the frost orb to the man.
“Wait, don’t understand! I promised Fariere-”  But that’s all he managed to say before Nagol dropped the orb on his foot.
“I don’t’re a LITbug and they must all be exterminated! The orb’s gonna work your way up your body...and when it reaches your heart in about 5’s game over for you!”
“Ah, so the all powerful heroes have finally arrived!” Dimentio winced when he hear
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 0 2
SoR chapter 13
“Fariere why must you do this?” It had been exactly six months since Fariere are Farentio got engaged...but just when they were about to wed, Fariere had decided to hibernate herself.
“Farentio, my one and only honor piece is not true honor by bug I shouldn't even be I’m going to hibernate myself until I get true honor. Also...I’m beginning to feel weak.”
“Very well...Fariere...I promise you that I will wait for you...and when you are finally released…”
“I know, Farentio...for now...goodbye”
“Farewell, my sweet Fariere”
“Oh my...I never thought I’d see the day when someone other than a cat warrior would make it so far.” That was the fir
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 2
adopt two-Redot SOLD! by WerecatqueenNic adopt two-Redot SOLD! :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 10 adopt 1-exactor by WerecatqueenNic adopt 1-exactor :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 0 Shobin'ave by WerecatqueenNic Shobin'ave :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 4 0 Not again.... by WerecatqueenNic Not again.... :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 8 You have GOT to be kidding me! by WerecatqueenNic You have GOT to be kidding me! :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 0 8
The Messiah chapter 2
“So...where is the first pearl we need?” The courtyard hadn’t changed a bit since the whole Stu’entio fiasco. The grass was still dead; the trees were still bare; and there were still sickbeasts wandering around. Luckily, the sickbeasts seemed to be in a good mood today, because they weren’t attacking, at all.
“Luigi, the first pearl is in the boy’s room in the bathroom we hid in during the Stu’entio fiasco. Me and you will go and find the pearl while you three keep watch...who knows if Lutio’at has friends that are tracking us down.”
“But you’re a woman...why are you going in the boys room?” Dimigi just facepalmed.
“Luigi, this entire area is for us and Lutio’at...nobody’s around.“ Reluctantly, Luigi left with the water guardian.
“So...any updates from Mimi?” Dim’scat was looking at a nearby statue of looked like there was something on th
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 0 2
Dimentio's past part 6
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME GENEVIE?” Aricia snarled, her yellow eyes deep with hatred. “WHY CAN’T I STAY HERE?” After the maskface teenager had destroyed the 7 year old Dimentio’s plushies, Genevie had decided that enough was enough...and called Dante to come take Aricia and raise her from his house. This made Aricia VERY mad though, and if it wasn’t for Dante glaring at the girl, Genevie was sure Aricia would have attacked her.
“Aricia, I’m sorry, but I can’t have you around torturing Dimentio like this! The poor guy has been TRAUMATIZED by you!” Genevie wasn’t kidding about that, as Dimentio hasn’t been playing with his toys as much as he used to, and he was scared to leave his room. His appetite has drastically decreased and with no plushies to cuddle, he’s been crying a lot more lately. Genevie had TRIED to sign him up for an all summer sleepaway camp last summer, but he was so scared of the female counsel
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 2
SoR chapter 12
“Farentio, may I ask you something?”
“Sure Fariere, what is it?”
“I know we’ve only been dating for 7 months but.” She fished out a beautiful emerald bracelet from her pocket. “I love you more than anything else on Earth. Will you marry m-” Fariere was cut off from a massive hug.
“Yes, Fariere, I will marry you. I was actually going to propose to you with a bracelet I made myself, but I lost it in the desert.” The taboo bug female smiled.
“Well I have been called a prepared Patty.” Farentio just laughed.

“Welcome to Yellow Village, travelers. State your name, species and reason for being here.”
“My name is Dimentio; I am a maskface and I, like my friends here wish to get to Farentio’s castle to stop his rampage on humanity. Luentio he
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 3
ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME LOGAN? by WerecatqueenNic ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME LOGAN? :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 0 4
“Why did you betray the count, Dimentio? Tell me the truth and I might have a little mercy on you! Your betrayal caused so much damage! Why, WHY did you think was a good idea?”
Dimentio, getting bored of Merlee’s mansion decided to head to Flopside for a few days to sightsee. After all, the town gets no visitors and everyone there is struggling to make ends meet. He decided that he would buy some items from Notso’s shop, and maybe stay at the Inn for the night. He wasn’t expecting to see Nastasia walking around the 3rd floor of the place, but when he did, he made a beeline for the elevator. Unfortunately, Nastasia wasn’t stupid, and found him.
“I...I...I…well...I…” God damn, he knew why he betrayed Blumiere...he was just too scared to say anything. Please, please don’t hurt me or arrest me...I’m good now.
“You’ve got nothing’ to say huh? Very well, I’ll just call the heroes over here and sen
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 6
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:iconsleepyqueenthecat: Lmao did you really block me because I called you out on your ban evading bullshit? And I had no idea you got banned because you were underaged I thought you got banned because of that rude ass comment you made on a mr.lXDimentio comic

again giving sane Dimimi fans like me a bad name
Reasons why Dim hasn't been hit with the blue curse

Lutio'at: (after Logan approaches him) Please don't take this the wrong way, but I would rather swim  across the Ganges with a paper cut on my neck, and then die a slow agonizing death from viral infection, than work with you.

Logan: For me
In a rare twist of STEPDAD was the sane and reasonable one while my mom was just...ugh
So some kid is reading his report out loud...and it's annoying 
According to my stepdad...eating just ONE more bagel than I was allowed to is 'Stealing'

fact of the day-touching Farentio is not recommended unless you like getting shocked by strong static electricity
On webkinz I am a pond/fountain collector 
Everyone has a beserk button
Mine is fuckheads killing off or messing with my ocs.
Okeh but am I the only one that gets a bit sad whenever none of my friends are online or no one talks to me????
If Farentio was a fish he'd totally be a lionfish 
Hello this is a friendly reminder that overdoses are not funny and whoever thinks otherwise is disgusting
So I'm probably going to miss the last day of the MC spring event because I have to work on my stupid research paper because the all powerful TOWO needs to check it
English Teacher: (takes points off)

Me: Hoe don't do it!

English teacher: More elaboration needed 

Me: alright time to take some math notes

Student with foul smelling coffee: HEEEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!    

I'm getting ice cream this afternoon c:

But I also have a doctors appointment....urrrgh
Hello yes this is a friendly reminder that I'm missing a free day of deluxe because my sister thinks adults shouldn't play Webkinz
(I'm also missing the super wheel but I have an item on the wheel on my old account so that takes care of that)
Why my buddy Trin has only been attacked twice

5% under-rated artist

5% draws characters from an obscure game

90% Farentio
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